Friday, November 13, 2009

Samsung Omnia i910 GPS Fix (CF03 Firmware)

samsung-omnia-SCH-i910 Verizon Wireless sold an amazing mobile pocket PC device when they released the Samsung Omnia i910.  It has more features than you can shake a stick at.  But to many peoples' dismay they decided to originally release it with the GPS feature locked.  But as promised they released the firmware that unlocks the GPS feature.  If you do not have the latest CF03 firmware, head over to Verizon's website and get it.  Vista and Windows 7 users can get it here.  Windows XP users get it here.

After you've gotten your Omnia flashed to the newest CF03 firmware then there's a few short steps you will need to do.  I'm going to keep this article short and simple so I want go into how to get the GPS settings icon to appear in your settings menu because it's more of an advanced registry hack and not necessary.  If you are using Google Maps like you should smiley standard then some may be experiencing the same problem that I did when tried to get a GPS lock.  If you aren’t using Google Maps then shame on you and go get it from their website.  I was getting error messages saying that the “GPS signal was weak” blah, blah, blah.

So on to the fix.  Although easy, it’s not something that you would just simply know to do.  With Google Maps open, select the ‘menu’ button.  Select ‘options’ and then ‘GPS Settings’.  Select the “Set Manually” radio button.  Make sure that beneath that, it says “COM8:”.  If not then push it which will bring up a list of COM ports.  Find COM8 and select it.  Then go to the number beneath it which probably reads “4800”.  Select it, then select 57600.  Press OK.  Now push the menu button again and go to “Use GPS” and press it.  That’s it for the settings.

It’s best to be under a clear sky when you get your first GPS lock but locks after the initial one shouldn’t need as strict requirements and will lock faster.  The first lock also could take anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes.  Be patient for the first GPS lock.  You shouldn’t have to endure this wait after that.

Quick Reference

Google Maps Settings
Port: COM8
Baud Rate: 57600
Step by Step
* Open Google Maps
* Select Menu
* Select Options
* Select GPS Settings
* Select Set Manually
* Change COM number to COM8
* Change baud rate (2nd number) to 57600
* Select Menu
* Check Use GPS


  1. hey Michael,would you send firmware version CF03(XP) to ? because link is bad (Service Temporarily Unavailable...)
    thanks a lot


    1. This post was written over 3 years ago so unfortunately I do not have the firmware for this phone anymore. You may be able to find it with some Googling though.