Monday, January 23, 2012

[Tuturial] Cable Management Guide Featuring Ultimate AMD System & Corsair 600T NCIX Tech Tips - YouTube

Do you have a computer with a nice side window to show off your beast of a PC rig? Maybe just want to increase airflow to cool your overclocked monster? This video brought to you by NCIX is probably the best step by step with visuals on case wire management. I don't think I've seen anything better than this. Link below.

Cable Management Guide Featuring Ultimate AMD System & Corsair 600T NCIX Tech Tips - YouTube:

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

[News] SpawnTrap Episode 57 - YouTube

Chkdg8 and NasaOne do their thing once again in episode 57 of SpawnTrap. Awesome podcast by by awesome guys. If you like gaming and smart industry talk about it then you have to watch this.

SpawnTrap Episode 57 - YouTube:

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

[Opinion] Upgrades Galore

I know I haven't been posting but there's a good reason for that. I swear. LoL. I recently just upgraded my motherboard from the very ancient motherboard and CPU combo last week. Went from the AMD64 platform to the Intel side. Got a 1.83ghz e6300 that's clocking nicely to 3.0ghz on the stock cooler and voltages. I also picked up a GTX 285 by BFG that comes stock overclocked.  Huge leap from my very old nVidia 6800xt.  Well as anyone has planned for anything can tell you, sometimes a snag in your plan appears.  I got the video card home.  Opened up my case.  Looked at the connectors and the power requirements of the new video card again and realized that my power supply wasn't gonna cut for this beast of a card.  Back to the drawing board.  I'll be looking for a new power supply now before I'm able to run my new video card. That's how the cookie crumbles.

I know this isn't the very latest and greatest in hardware but I'm not part of that crowd.  Nor can I afford to be.  This is proof that you can game and not spend $600 to $1000 on a PC gaming rig.  Upgrade what you have and game on.

My new monster: GTX 285 OCE

Saturday, January 7, 2012

[News] Best PC Gaming Podcasts To Start 2012

I don't watch much T.V. anymore.  Haven't done so in a long time.  To fill that media void I often listen to podcasts on my Android phone or watch/listen to them on the computer.  There are plenty of podcasts for gamers but if your specifically into PC gaming then the amount of choices narrows dramatically.

Not to fear though. I went out and auditioned some PC gaming podcasts for you guys and declared the winners. Let us start with what I view as the most official podcast.  This one is brought to you by the guys at PC Gamer.  They deliver a very entertaining and sane commentary of what's going on in the world of PC gaming.  Many would consider PC Gamer to be the official unofficial spokesmen of PC gamers everywhere.

Now if vulgar and obnoxious sprinkled very liberally with lots of humor is more your taste, then you want to check out the guys at Keyboard + Mouse Or Die (KBMOD).  The content over here is pretty much the same as the PC Gamer Magazine guys but with their very own twist.  These guys are hilarious to make it short.  If your'e offended by curse words, stupid college humor, sexual references and the like then you may wanna steer clear from this cast.  But for us adults, this is a podcast that you must check out.

To round this bunch of triple A podcast is the guys over at Spawn Trap podcast.  While the other two podcasts crews consist of very seasoned veterans of pc gaming, Chkdg8 and Nasa One on the other hand are self admittedly newcomers to modern PC gaming.  But this is their strength.  They bring you a point a view that's refreshing and new.  Instead of the I've been PC gaming for 20 years and I run the most bad ass gaming rig known to man, they bring you the let's game attitude, and that's it.

Whichever one you give your precious time to (I subscribe to them all) you will not be disappointed.  These guys are knowledgeable in gaming and down right entertaining. Go see for yourself with the links below.


Friday, January 6, 2012