Friday, December 30, 2011

[News] KBMOD Podcast 2011 PC Game Awards!

The Video Game Awards and IGN's awards are pretty much the "it" in video game awards shows.  That is until now. The guys over at KBMOD Podcast bring you the ummmm, most legit game awards to date. That's right folks. Uncharted 3 will NOT be winning best graphics of the year on this show. Go see for yourself and check out these hilarious PC gamer awards at KBMOD.

Friday, December 9, 2011

[Hardware] PC Gaming Build Under $1000

I spec out piece by piece the gaming rig I would like to build within the next 3 months.  This computer will be a very capable computer able to play Battlefield 3 on high settings and virtually every other game on ultra.  It will also have a clear upgrade path and room for upgrades in the future.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

PC Gaming - Returning To My Roots

Here's some quick commentary talking about leaving the Xbox camp and going back to PC.  This is my first video so leave suggestions on how to improve.  Of course rate, subscribe, and/or comment.  It helps in so many ways.  Now to the video...

[News] N0ctis from WASD Gamers Brings Us Very Impressive CoD4 Movie

If your into FPS or games in general I'm sure you've seen the numerous montages, movies, and just whatever made on YouTube with some FPS (usually Call of Duty) as the platform.  I know I've seen probably way to many.  So for me to be impressed with any one specific video means that one stands out above the rest.

N0ctis from WASD Gamers posted a ridiculously awesome movie using Call of Duty 4.  The name of the video is HEREAFTER and is great.  Check it out below.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

[Hardware] Buy a New Gaming PC Cheap!

In the quest for building my own custom gaming rig I came across an online retailer named CyberPower.  Let me preface this post by saying that I've never personally dealt with CyberPower so all information in here is gathered from others online.  But I have done enough research to stand behind the conclusion I've come to.

I'm going to be building my own midrange ($800 - $1000) gaming PC hopefully soon so I've been doing a lot of digging through online retailers such as Newegg, Tigerdirect, and Amazon.  With doing this came a lot of Googling also.  That's when I happened across a website called CyberPowerPC.  The prices on the website for pre-built gaming rigs (and other PCs) were very attractive.  Actually so much so that it seemed to good to be true.  So I started digging for information on this company.

CyberPower's LAN Party Commander
Initially you'll probably come up with a lot of negative reviews.  Seems like the company may of have had some growing pains in its past.  But if you dig a little further and narrow your search to 2010 to 2011 it seems they've had some happy stories and success.

What makes this company so attractive? Here's the best part coming from an experienced PC technician and someone who has always built their own computers.  Price!  That's right price.  At this point there's bound to be to types of people reading this.  The more experienced gamer and PC crowd and the ones who say so what.  Well to the gamers and do-it-yourself folks I challenge you to spec out your own PC from a major online retailer part for part and get a better value then what CyberPowerPC has to offer.  Included in that value is a free 3 year warranty plus you get all of the original boxes to each part.  Which means that if your video card came with a lifetime warranty and a free game then you get that also!  Go head and try it.  For the so what crowd, these guys seem to be using the standard parts that your local computer geek would use to build their own gaming rig from Newegg and others.  Which means you'll be getting name brand components for the same price that it would cost you to build it yourself.  Dell and others do NOT give you the same level of 3rd party parts as you'll be getting here.  Usually no named brand parts thrown in generic boxes.  Also I guarantee that the same computer with the same specifications at Dell will cost you significantly more.

I know there's your purist out there that will say that "real" gamers build their own PC but unfortunately we all don't have that luxury for various reasons.  I highly recommend that anyone and everyone go check out CyberPowerPC for themselves.  I think my next build will be coming from them.  If I do make the plunge, most likely in around March our so, I'll be sure to bring you all the gory details.  Till then, stay tuned...

[News] Finished a New YouTube Intro Video

Been checking out a lot of YouTube videos lately and have been impressed by the intro videos some seemingly regular people have.  So I went out, got Sony Vegas and learned how to make my own.  Check it out and let me know what you think.  Check me out on Osirez Tech YouTube channel and let me know what you think.  If you like, then hit the like, rate and subscribe.  Thanks in advance.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

[News] Where I've Been...

I've been "missing in action" for awhile now from this blog.  I produced an album for a local group which required me to remove Linux from my computer completely.  I also lost a little focus and interest in my tech side while working on the music.  Well I'm happy to say with the end of the year near and hopefully a gracious income tax coming hot on it's heels I'm back with my geek side fully reignited.

What sparked this?  Well, mostly with the album I was working on being finished, I was able to look at some gaming again.  Any real tech geek can't look at games and hardware without getting that little excitement deep down in the core of their being.

So now what?  I think I'm going to build a new budget to mid range level gaming PC.  Why?  That's simple.  After a few years of Xbox Live and Playstation Network I still feel like there's a lack of gaming nirvana.  Why do I think I can regain this on PC as opposed to the other platforms.  Once again, that's simple.  Steam seems to have everything that I want.  Secrets of Monkey Island, Loom, and Knights of the Old Republic are some of the legacy classics that come to mind.

So stay tuned and I'll have this blog rolling again.  Also in the pipes possibly is my youtube channel getting more action with videos like tutorials, commentaries, and whatever else comes to mind.  Thanks for reading.