Tuesday, November 13, 2012

[Tuturial] Unity Dissapears After Reboot

I'm not sure if this is a big problem in general or just some isolated incidents but there seems like there's a definite problem with Nvidia drivers and Ubuntu 12.10.  I've isntalled the latest version of Ubuntu several times and have come up with the same problem every time.  Once you install the proprietary drivers for Nvidia and reboot it seems Unity and Compiz decide they're not going to be coming to work today.  After doing some digging, I found what seems to be the problem.

I'm not a kernel expert or even really remotely knows what goes on at that level but from what I understand someone left the kernel headers out for the Nvidia drivers. What does that mean to me and you in regular people terms?  Simple.  It doesn't work.  I would like to thank KAding for the resolution over at the Ubuntu Forums.  If you would like to read the thread yourself go >here<.

Here's what the fix looks like though:

Bring up your terminal by pressing:
  • ctrl+alt+t.
  • sudo apt-get install linux-headers-3.5.0-17-generic
  • sudo apt-get remove nvidia-current
  • sudo apt-get install nvidia-current
  • reboot
NOTE: Some quick things to know.
  1. Make sure you put YOUR kernel version in the command above. If you dont know it type "uname -r" in the terminal.
  2. It seems at least for me when I type "sudo apt-get remove nvidia-current", I get zero as the results returned.  Doesn't seem to matter though.
  3. This only seemed to effect me on 12.10.  Didn't have this problem on 12.04.
Hopefully after the reboot Unity will be back in all its glory, or lack thereof depending on who are.

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