Saturday, May 18, 2013

The New PC vs Console Debate

PC vs Consoles.  Anyone that plays video games has heard this debate or argued it themselves at least once.  I'm not here to rehash this debate but think that you should look at it from a different perspective.  The line between computers and consoles becomes more and more blurred.  I personally believe that the new consoles reported to be released by the end of this year will be little more then purpose built computers. More or less exactly the same as the one you surf the internet and do your homework on, but with a more narrow focus of what it actually does in mind.

The introduction of the Steam Box not only blurs the line between console and computer but will bridge the two.  Essentially a computer that's dressed like a console.  Steam could make a huge splash in the living room gaming market with the right moves and really change the landscape of couch potato gaming.

With all these options that are not very different at all, I think the choice to the consumer will now be more about brands choice, the ecosystem where your friends play, and the platform that offers you the most features that you want.

For more in depth reading and the inspiration for this article go to PCWorld: "What the 'console-ification' of PCs means for gamers".

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