Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Thoughts: Tech Industry Wars

Adobe is mad at Apple. Google is trying to be friends with Adobe but is having a disagreement with Apple. Microsoft doesn't like anyone but will play the game for their own advancement. Blah, blah, blah. Sounds a lot like some high school drama that these, and I use the term loosely, respected tech giants are partaking in.

Much like the 2010 health plan package and global warming, the subject of debates amongst these companies and the general population seem to ensue because you have to be on a side. It is your civic duty as a citizen of the world to choose the side of your favorite tech giant! Now I don't claim to be a guru or anything close to it at anyone of these subjects but my common sense tells me that just like most heated political debates, the general population hasn't a clue what they're really arguing about.

And to push this whole cat fight along has been the industry insider themselves. Everyone from the blogging community to actual employees of the companies involved. Steve Jobs himself has been a very chatty person as of late and pulled not one punch when criticizing his rivals and their business practices. C'mon Mr. Jobs. Can you really criticize anyones business practices on the basis honesty and open platform development?!

I personally find it tiresome to read the on-line news headline everyday to only be bombarded by updates of the latest spats between company X and company Y or the new one thats brewing in the wing. What could be the potential motive for allowing this to continue? Sure it boosts web page traffic for those hosting these stories and may even fall into the "no publicity is bad publicity" category of absurdness. But here's a reality check for anyone who actually cares to know what's really going on. Like the global warming theory, there people out there much smarter than you and I focused on the issues on hand and have thus far, found the results to be inconclusive. The people and companies involved in these spats obviously have an agenda and much like the way a mother protects her children, they are protecting their own interests with a vengeance.

So what makes you think that they would give you the real facts if they don't promote their respective companies products or services? They won't! Now I don't expect that because I wrote one post on this topic that anything will change but my hope is that hopefully it can keep at least one more person from buying into this hoopla and circus act that does nothing but drive up profits for Wall Street and Silicone Valley. As long as fanboy A is bragging to fanboy B about how is Droidpod or whatever he fancies for the next 30 seconds is the greatest thing since sliced cheese even though he knows he could have gotten a better product, support, or services he can't and won't be focusing his financial influence towards the companies who sold him brand new shiny terd.

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