Tuesday, May 25, 2010

[Tuturial] Unresponsive Flash Player in Ubuntu

Recently the sites that contain Flash Player have become unresponsive. Right click works. Mouse cursor works. And even scrolling works (although Flash Player looks a little buggy while doing that also). Most importantly though is that Flash Players will not recognize my left mouse clicks. Other types of video players seem to work according to the Ubuntu community but not have Adobe's Flash Player working is a show stopper for many considering Adobe's dominance in the video player market.

So I searched the bug reports to find the fix if any. Turns out to be a quick and easy fix and painless. There's actually a couple of ways you can go about fixing your Flash Player woes.
#1 Disable Compiz (Yea, I know. I'm not getting rid of my eye candy either!)
#2 Remove flashplugin-nonfree and flashplugin-installer from the Software Center. Then install directly from (This didn't work for me but is reported to work for others.)
#3 (a) Open Terminal and enter:
gksudo gedit /usr/lib/nspluginwrapper/i386/linux/npviewer
(b) Then add directly before the last line of text:
Fix number 3 worked for me and took less than 2 minutes. Be sure to restart your browser also. I'm not sure all of which versions of Ubuntu this is effecting or even other distributions but I'm using Ubuntu 10.04 AMD64 version.


  1. Fix number 3 work worked for me also, i'm using ubuntu 10.04 amd64 version. Is there a bug report for this somewhere?

  2. There is a bug report submitted and probably several if I remember correctly.