Saturday, September 4, 2010

Samsung Vibrant ROMs

When it comes to Android, no one can argue that HTC rules the hen house as for as hardware goes.  This has sparked a huge following of Android developers and ROMs cookers for the better part of 2 years now.  With this support making ROMs for HTC and getting them flashed to your device as become easy as well... pie.

With the emergence of the Samsung Galaxy S line of phones there is now a new set of devices for developers to learn and create great content for.  But this comes with a learning curve which equals to us faithful Samsung Galaxy owners time.

Not to worry though because eugene373 over at XDA has created some great roms to get us started.  These roms include the Vibrant# roms and Vibrant Hybrid roms. I've tried both and say that they are very good.  The Vibrant# roms are a mixed compilation of the stock Samsung TouchWiz UI and stock Google where as the Vibrant Hybrid rom is much more stock Google Android UI.  I personally recommend the Vibrant Hybrid rom if your trying to get your Galaxy i9000, Captivate, or Vibrant more to a stock Android feel.  There's also speed boost that I noticed in this rom.

If Eugene's Roms aren't your cup of tea then you should probably wait on CyanogenMod to release their Samsung compatible roms.  CyanogenMod by far is the most popular rom developer for Android and the quality and benefits of their roms proves why.  I will try to keep you guys updated on the release of that rom but until then check eugene373 out and don't forget to support him. You can follow him on twitter at Eugene_373. 

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