Monday, September 2, 2013

[Hardware] The "You Dont Need No Console" Gaming PC ~$500

I swear the number one common misconception about PC gaming is that it's too expensive.  It's no more expensive then console gaming and I'll show you.  For those who propose the argument that you still need to buy the monitor and other peripherals, I say on consoles you still need to buy controllers, headsets, and whatever else you feel enhances your game play.  Not to mention online subscription fees (laughs at the idea).

I'm not a fanboy of any platform or corporation because why should I be when I know they only see my as profit.  I enjoy what I feel is best for me and that's it.  I guess this makes me my own fanboy!  Check out the video and I'll show you that you can build a gaming rig for the cost of a next generation console and you make your own decision.

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