Friday, January 14, 2011

[Tuturial] Move Window Controls back to right in Ubuntu 10.04

Move Window Controls back to right in Ubuntu 10.04:

Ubuntu is a great operating system. I can't say enough good things about it. Especially the fact that it's a great alternative to Windows. But I think that advanced users and new ones alike will immediately say what the *enter curse word of choice* when they see the minimize, maximize, and close buttons for the windows in the left hand corner. I'm not sure why Canonical (Ubuntu developer) decided on such a radical change. I equate this to Ford switching the gas pedal to the left and the brake pedal to the right! Why on earth would you do that? Ranting aside, all can be right again with a few simple steps thanks to vizdom at Click the link below to make everything right again. (no pun intended, lol)

(This tip also works for Ubuntu 10.10)

EDIT: I recommend instead of changing the key to menu:maximize,minimize,close as the article instructs that you make it menu:minimize,maximize,close.  This puts controls in the same order as they have been before.

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