Friday, January 14, 2011

[News] Possible Class Action Suit Against T-Mobile & Samsung?

For all the Galaxy S owners in the United States which includes all 4 carriers and 4 different phones.  The phones are the Fascinate, Vibrant, Epic, and the Captivate.  If you own one of these phones or just keep up with the Android news in general then you may heard of the ever increasing impatience that has been growing about the, so far, broken promises for these phones.  This includes a real fix for the GPS and a Froyo 2.2 Android update.  With over 9 million units sold this topic was sure to blow up eventually considering the odds.  Well it may have finally.  A user by the name of MicBeast over at XDA claims to have filed a class action suit againt the giants T-Mobile and Samsung.  I haven't seen any hard evidence that this is true, but a compelling situation none the less.  XDA has seen a lot of traffic concerning this which displays the intensity of this topic.  Go check it out for yourself.

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