Saturday, January 15, 2011

[Software] Tweetdeck for Chromium in Ubuntu

When Ubuntu 10 came out they trumpeted to the high heavens this new idea called the "me-menu".  It's the  menu that by default is in the top right that contains chat IM, Twitter, Facebook, and Ubuntu One.  In theory this was an excellent idea but for me it never really worked out very well.

Me-Menu is where it has my name Michael

As an Android phone user I swear by Tweetdeck for Android.  I love the orginazation it provides and the best feature in my opinion is that when you return to the app, you start off exactly in the timeline where you last left off.  No scrolling up and down to find which was the last tweet you last read.  Tweetdeck for Windows has received countless praise also from around the web.

With the addition of the Chrome Web Store you can now get some Tweetdeck goodness in Ubuntu.  As far as I know this should work on other Linux distros but I haven't tried it myself.  Tweetdeck also has notifications popups among other options.  Honestly if you don't know about Tweetdeck for now, you really should.  It's on the Windows, Android, iPhone, iPad, and Chrome (Windows & Linux) so you really don't have reason not to have it.

It's a browser plugin for Chrome/Chromium so give it a try.  If you don't like it you can simply just disable it.  Get it at for Chrome.

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