Wednesday, October 14, 2009

[Tuturial] Firefox Hyperlinks Tip

Here's a quick tip about opening links that are not hyperlinked in Firefox.

What is a hyperlink:
"In computing, a hyperlink is a reference in a document to an external or internal piece of information. The most common usage is in the Internet to browse through web pages: some text in the current document is highlighted so that when clicked, the browser automatically displays another page or changes the current page to show the referenced content. The highlighted element is known as a hyperlink (or link for short) and makes a logical connection between two places in the same or different documents. Hyperlinks are the basic building block of hypertexts."
-Quoted from Wikipedia

So in simple terms, a hyperlink is the text on a webpage that is usually blue in color and will sometimes highlight when you hover mouse over it. These hyperlinks or links for short will take you to an internal or external web page.

Now that we know what a hyperlink is, we can appreciate how easy it makes it to navigate the web. Unfortunetly, all text that references links that you will come across is not hyperlinked. This can be because the author of the page simply chose not to or that particular pages inability to display hyperlinks.

There are numerous reasons why you will come across non-hypertext links. Instead of going through the cumbersome task of typing long and complicated web addresses into the Firefox address bar, there is a simple trick to getting it there faster.

1. Simply highlight the text that you want navigate to. Make sure that you get all of the address are you may get server error or similar.

2. Drag the selected text to the address bar and that's it. In Firefox 3.5, it will automatically load to the site requested without further action.

Tip: You can also drag web addresses to the Firefox tab bar and it will automatically create a new tab and navigate to the requested web page.

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