Monday, October 19, 2009

[News] Xbox gets Facebook, Twitter, and More

As some know by now Microsoft announced a while ago that Facebook, Twitter, and Last.FM will be coming to the Xbox real soon now (have yet to confirm a date).  But what you may not know is that you can sign up for the early preview before everyone else gets to use it.  If you go to the Microsoft Connect Site, you can sign up to be picked for a early preview of the new features for Xbox 360.  You should sign up quickly before the preview starts.  According to Major Nelson of Major,  the preview trial should start mid this week.  He would not state a specific date though.

Some of the features that are being said to be coming are:

UPDATE 10/20/09

According to, there are 2 more features that are confirmed. 
“The first is an entire "Music Marketplace" channel, which will be focused on downloadable content for rhythm games like Rock Band, Guitar Hero, and Microsoft's own Lips. The channel will also offer high-definition music videos to download onto the Zune handheld multimedia player as well as serve as the home base for recommendation-radio service, which is owned by GameSpot parent CBS Interactive.
Also coming to Xbox Live is a "News and more" channel, which will offer up information from Microsoft and NBC Universal's joint venture, According to an information screen in the XBL preview, all of the site's features will be on tap, including video news from television Network NBC and from MSNBC TV. The tab will also offer some non-news-related content in the form of cartoons from the New Yorker magazine and the office-satire comic strip Dilbert.
For a closer look at the Xbox Live Update, check out GameSpot Hardware's in-depth preview of its new features. The update is expected to go live next month.”
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