Sunday, October 25, 2009

[Techni-LOL] Xbox Shoes?

If your like me, then your a huge fan of your Xbox 360.  After probably a couple thousand dollars, and a countless hours spent together, your Xbox 360 have a relationship that the the girlfriend or wife will never understand.  After hours of gaming and neglecting your significant other, this is probably what she’s thinking.

While cruising down the interweb highway, I came across something very interesting.  Followers of hip-hop culture already know about the infinite amount of custom shoes that has been popular for a couple of decades now.  But these pair of Nikes take your shoe fetish and love for Xbox past a whole new level.
 Xbox-themed sneakers,image.JPG
Coming in at a whopping $2500, I shutter to think what the wife will be thinking when you explain to her that you “needed” have these to add to your what she calls “pile of junk”.  Good luck to you guys brave enough to even think about buying these.  Check out the full article at

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